Mussoorie: From Savoy to Shivaay

Mussoorie, and the cantonment town of Landour have much to be excited about. Once known for the ghosts of Savoy, it appeals to a pun-loving man such as me, that Shivaay is what Mussoorie might soon soon be known for. The upcoming movie, directed by  Ajay Devgn, is all set to hit the theaters on the 28th of October.


The city was shortlisted quite a while ago, and now that the movie is going to soon release, excitement is visible in the air. From the city’s residents to the city’s admirers like us, everyone is equally thrilled to watch the city beautiful on the big screen.

Not just us regular folks, the businessmen at Mussoorie too, have something to be excited about. Not only would it boost the Mussoorie tourism, it would also bring back Ritz Cinema, which opened a few months ago back in action. In a quote to NDTV, the co-owner of Ritz Cinema, Rajat Aggarwal said that it’s been three weeks of low-budget movies,  but with Shivaay coming soon, this Mussoorie-based theater is excited again!


It surprises me that this is the perhaps the longest anyone has ever produced a movie in Mussoorie. A number of iconic landmarks such as the Kellogg Church, Sister’s Bazaar, Chaar Dukaan are a part of the movie. And it is not just the city beautiful that appears in the movie, it is also the people of the town. Many locals were cast as extras in the movie and are thrilled to watch themselves on the big screen.

We wonder why more movies are not shot here! From the ghosts of Savoy to the action of Shivaay, Mussoorie has indeed come a long way.

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