Oak Grove School, Mussoorie Celebrates Swacch Saptah with Painting Competition

Cleanliness is next to Godliness! This old saying has indeed been brought to life in India in the recent few years, as there has suddenly been a major spark in awareness regarding cleanliness in the country. While India as a nation is not particularly known for their cleanliness, the nation is now starting to take effective steps to ensure better hygiene and cleanliness habits inculcate in the next generation. The nation is observing a cleanliness drive under the Swachh Saptah – Swachh Samwaad, (Cleanliness Week – Cleanliness Dialog). This initiative is being led by the Indian railways, and the DRMs (District Railway Managers) across the nation are spearheading this initiative. The DRM Moradabad has recently posted a series of tweets on his Twitter profile, where kids from various schools are seen participating in this contest. The Oak Grove School in Mussoorie is among one of those schools.


In the tweets posted by DRM Moradabad, we can see the children of Oak Grove school in Mussoorie excited and posing with their paintings. These kids are quite young, and it is good to see the youngsters being influenced by initiatives such as these. Mussoorie is traditionally known to be one of the cleanest hill stations in India.

The excitement is clearly visible in the eyes of these youngsters as they paint their way to a better future for the nation! Awareness drives like these in schools are essential for making these young ones better citizens of tomorrow! We appreciate DRM Moradabad tweeting these pictures and letting the world know of this activity.

While most of Mussoorie is clean, there are some areas which really need to be addressed. For instance, George Everest’s home and laboratory is a major pain point in an otherwise very clean city. Hopefully, the awareness movement sparked off by the kids of the Oak Grove School would eventually take over the city and its visitors. You can follow DRM Moradabad on his Twitter account here.

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